Quick update regarding 1.3 styles

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what's going on with our 1.3 updates. Currently as XenForo is in the beta stage we're wrapping up our final touches on the latest version of XenBase. We've added an extensive list of things to the framework while also optimizing everything as much as possible.

Here's a quick in-complete change log:

  • Added
    • Added conditional around Admin Post CSS(was loading no matter what)
    • Added copyright option(easily disable branding if you've purchased it)
    • Added ability to swamp logo with navigation position(how Core is setup)
    • Added ability to style unread discussion list items
    • Added ability to style stickied discussion list items
    • Added ability to style individual messages
    • Added ability to enable and style a sticky thread separator
    • Added header proxy variable(can be useful if you modify the heights of the subnav/or add other elements to the header
    • Added ability to bring back help menu
    • Added ForumList SectionMain CSS styling property(controls section main on the forum list specifically)
    • Added sidebar collapse
    • Added ability to change width of sidebar in responsive view(can set the sidebar to max width in wide/medium view)
    • Added ability to shift the top breadcrumb out of the mainContent(can make it so it'll span the content area rather than stop at the sidebar)
    • Added ability to enable the calltoaction button in thread_view(basically a button at the top of the page to reply to the thread)
  • Updated/Fixes
    • Upgraded Font Awesome to 4.0.3
    • Reverted: page_container_js_head (removed expand click footer)
    • Edited: page_container_js_body (Added conditional around go-to-top javascript so it won't load unless the option is activated
    • Edited: node_category_level_1 (removed cat strip images updated conditionals to reflect less coding, also moved tooltip conditional around to check if descriptions are enabled FIRST
    • Updated page_container to reflect a new javascript CSS
    • Moved all Help Page smilies CSS into help_smilies.css to reduce extra page loading outside of the Smiley Page
    • Moved XenBase Discussion Properties + CSS to XF Default discussion property + default discussion_list.css
    • Fixed a span bug in node_forum_level_2 which was conflicting with font-awesome icons

Specific things to our Fusion Gamer Clients
Fusion Gamer will be moving onto our XenBase Framework. It's been upgraded to have all the great features XenBase has. On top of that the primary color of Fusion Gamer will now be controlled via a single color palette. This means you can choose whatever color you want that suites your site the best. There's been multiple improvements and optimization to the CSS to improve the over all style as well.

With this said... here comes some of the bad news. Because we're porting the style to the framework, you may lose some of your customizations. Any custom images or css inside your extra.css can easily be ported over however heavily customized version of Fusion Gamer will need some work to get back to their original state.

Specific things to our existing clients on XenBase
It's been almost a year since we released XenBase and since then we've come a long way in terms of knowledge and skill. With that said we've renamed/re-organized our css and style properties. We'll give you specific instructions on how you port your style to the new XenBase.

Thank you all, we're excited to get this out along with our new styles. Here's a preview of one of our next style:

legendary1.jpg legendary2.jpg legendary3.jpg
Another update coming to our new XenBase... we're still working out some minor kinks to this stuff but it's coming out nice :).

You'll be able to choose the node layout type(description can tell you the types)

Leaving it at 0 is the default view, his are some alternatives:



Just a quick note on the 1.2.5 and 1.3 Beta statuses.... to be completely honest we were not expecting a 1.2.5 release at all and with the amount of work we've put into this new XenBase it's somewhat pointless for us to back track to 1.2.5 and update. The time we'll spend doing it, packaging it and shipping it just really isn't worth the while, especially because 1.3 seems like it's really close.

So... our styles will not be getting updated to 1.2.5 (very minimal changes were done in the templates we actually have edits in, so you may have one of two outdated templates which you can use the merge feature on.

XenBase 1.3 is awesome... so are the new styles we're working on, and the existing upgrades, you guys won't be disappointed. Stay tuned!

Pre-Sale Questions

If you have any questions or concerns you want to ask before you make a purchase don't hesitate to use one of our multiple support channels for your convenience.