Hello pixelExit team,

I was using my new website today, and I noticed at the top of the page, there were five random characters that were unexplained.

It's hard to see in the picture, but right below the admin bar, there's just five, random letters. I haven't made any modifications to the theme properties yet, which is why this was weird to me.

I was wondering if it might be related to this outdated template.

But I'm not a stylist, so you might have a better idea of what this is than me. But I did confirm that normal users (signed in and just guests) were able to see these characters. So it's definitely something global.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Sorry... not sure how it goes left in there, you'll need to revert the ad_header template.

Must of got left in from testing :).
Okay, no worries! I presume by reverting it, you just meant editing that little bit out, right?

It was right on the outside of the brackets. I don't know too much about styling, but I presume that was all I had to do.

Also, should I be concerned about the outdated template? Thanks!

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