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Have y'all thought about adding a feature into Xenbase to allow the re-order of sticky threads, or even nodes?

I like the drag & drop nodes feature, but its not compatible with XF 1.5 and I don't really want to mix in Audentio add ons with my pretty XB framework.. Lol


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Currently as it stands XenBase will be staying a style framework for the remainder of 1.x XenForo. It would require XenBase to be an add-on to achieve additional functionality such as that and we have no plans to turn it into one. We do our best to make sure our edits are clean as possible so it should work with other add-ons out there but if you have a clash with one let us know.


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Can't say I blame ya.. Wouldn't want to do something to cause grief with XB.
Depending on the complexity of the 2.0 styling system we may very well take a different approach and make XenBase into an add-on but I think it's a little to change something that dramatic for the 1.x series :D

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