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Is there any way to remove that box on the right hand side opposite the logo, the box with avatar and cpanel, inbox, alerts, etc. When minimizing it floats over the top of the forums and also its kind of an eyesore. I would like to replace it with a tab labeled USER CONTROL PANEL on the top right of which the user could click on and the top section would drop down like the login function. There the user could find all those buttons and information, then click the tab again to hide it up out of the way.

I have .PSD'd some files to demonstrate, attached.

I would gladly pay to have this done if this is something PixelExit would be willing to do??


  • Pixel Exit Fusion Gamer 1.png
    Pixel Exit Fusion Gamer 1.png
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  • Pixel Exit Fusion Gamer 2.png
    Pixel Exit Fusion Gamer 2.png
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It's doable I'm just rather booked up right now :(, I'm a few weeks out from starting any new projects.

You can disable the user card via Style Properties -> Fusion Gamer Properties to make the nav back to the default area.

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