How did you remove the Members tab here without losing the sub-nav (I see it still loses the tab selection though, shame this can't be changed to select the forum tab)? I tried the Remove Members Tab add-on, but it messed up the navigation altogether.

Thanks :)


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.navTab.members .navLink, .navTab.members .SplitCtrl {
display: none !important;

They hide the entire <li> which has the sub nav in it, this will hide just the link and the dropdown arrow :)


That's a great tip, thank you! Better than what the Xenforo staff are telling people :D

I assume there's no way to have the Forum tab highlighted but still keep the Members subnav? No problem if not, I can live with this solution :)


I've posted a thread on the official forums to discuss this. I've found where in the PHP files to edit to make the Forums tab display for who's online and other sections, but there are still some areas where this doesn't work - Search (which doesn't select a tab by default) for example.

I'm not looking for any answers here, just keeping anyone else who may be interested in this informed :)

Edit: forgot to link it!
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