As it says in the title, I would like to move the sidebar in resources, to the left hand side and change the width of it slightly.



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I don´t know why, but for me it is left in the RM and in the forum it is right.

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Same with XF, that's not a traditional "sidebar".


.resource_description .sidebar {
    float: left;
.resource_description .mainContent {
    margin-right: 0px;
    margin-left: {xen:calc 'intval(@sidebar.width) + intval(@xb_spacer_l)'}px;
.resource_description .mainContainer {
    float: right;
    margin-left: -{xen:calc 'intval(@sidebar.width) + intval(@xb_spacer_l)'}px;
    margin-right: 0;

This would be to target just the resource view sidebar.

Additionally I didn't even think about it but if you want to move ALL the sidebars to the left, just check Style Properties -> [XB] Sidebar.

Not sure why I was thinking this was a different type of sidebar.
Sorry about this Russ, which template to I copy this into, recently moved from vb and just getting to grips with it. Is it to replace code or to add to.

No worries and welcome, sorry sometimes I assume too much :D.

Any CSS we give you should always go inside extra.css unless told otherwise.
Just to clarify are you wanting to shift the sidebar when viewing the resource itself? I just double checked the code on another style and it shifts that sidebar to the left side using my CSS.
So I forgot about this in Archon, I've made a note. I changed the setup just in Archon for the RM. Open : resource_list.css on the Archon (DO NOT EDIT) style, click revert on the template. It should shift it back.

I coded it so it was always on the right side because out of the box the default archon sidebar is on the left. It was an oversight on my part, will adjust for the next patch.

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