I was wondering, how would I add a move member up/down button next to a member on a roster?

When you are a big gaming community and you want to have things look nice, then not beeing able to move member in the roster index is not really great.

Any help is greatly appriciated.


Roger that. I can see alot of phrases that is currently not in use, such as promotion phrases, and Time in Grade, however its not an option yet. Is this also planned to be in further updates?



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If there is enough interest in a certain feature it would be considered for addition. At this time those phrases are not being used. The Rosters add-on was originally a custom job that ended up with a lot of options that we didn't see being needed for the masses so a cleanup was done, obviously a few things were missed!

If you would like to make a suggestion for a feature you can write a post detailing the feature in the Suggestions Forum for add-ons. ;)

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