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Feature Requests

  • Sort by column: Any custom column can be sorted Alphabetically, Numerically, or Custom entry displays only custom field entry i.e. Class Column has Warrior, Ranger, Rogue, Cleric. You only want to see warriors, drop down select warrior will only display warriors.
  • Assign Roster Moderators: Ability to assign Super Roster Moderator, Manages All Roster Tabs. - Ability to assign Roster Moderator, Manages A Single Roster Tab. Assign by Individual or User Group.
  • Auto Assign to Roster by user group: Set roster rule - member must be in usergroup (name) to be listed on this roster. If member is in user group (name) auto add user name to roster. If member leaves or is removed from user group, auto removes from roster. Custom roster fields will still have to be manually entered.
  • Users can/can not manage own custom fields. - Set rule per custom field, user can edit own information. This way the user can edit their own class, race, profession, etc. While Guild officers may not want to let user edit certain fields i.e. Rank. By setting each custom field with rule moderator editable or user or moderator editable.
  • Roster specific calendar with RSVP system. In a multi-guild gaming organization the single calendar can get quite messy and jumbled with events. Have a Specific Calendar per roster would alleviate the madness. Only members of the user group(s) assigned to that roster would be able to see and utilize the calendar. Moderators could be assigned to post events Date Time Duration - Who What When Where Why and How. Then members could RVSP with note. Yes No Maybe, note information. i.e. Xaices RSVP YES: NOTE: Ranger - Ranged DPS - Bringing Consumables - Heal Pots and Food Buffs. Note displays on mouse over of users RSVP answer.

These features are required by a roster made for any gaming organization. As it stands this addon in its current state serves no purpose as it just lacks the functionality required to manage and operate from a gaming organization stand point.

I purchased this addon, but unfortunately it sits unused as it just lacks functionality required of a gaming organization roster.

This is a repost from my original on the Xenfor Community Forums: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/rosters-paid.119385/page-2#post-1156100

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