This in extra.less should take care of that node thing. I'll look into adjusting this for the next release.
@media (min-width: @xf-responsiveEdgeSpacerRemoval)
    .block--category .node:last-of-type
        border-radius: 0 0 @block-borderRadius-inner @block-borderRadius-inner;

For the menus, XF border radius on menus actually comes from "borderSizeFeature " which honestly seems like a bug the more I think about it. Changing this changes the top section radius which might make sense, but it changes the footer which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

I'll need to dive into this a little more. For now you can adjust "borderSizeFeature" under Style properties -> Borders and spacing
The bug here is implemented into 2.2.13. The menu "Issues" are really on the XF end of things but the borderSizeFeature adjustment will correct it as mentioned above.

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