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So far every time there is an update for a theme I have to save my custom changes down and re add them every time i update the site to the new version.

Is there an easier way of saving custom changes where I can update the core style and still have my custom changes there?
Are they css changes only? if yes then extra.css and you should be good, and if they are template changes i suggest you write down the changes you making or comment them for easy editing when upgrading cuz i run into the same situation as you do and i do alot of edits to my templates :/
Your best bet is a child style you freely edit.

-- Purchased Style
---- Custom Edit Style - Create new style and set Purchased style as the parent. Do not import the purchased style again.

Then you can easily, compare template changes, revert and merge easily.
Best method making sure you put all your edits in a child style as Steve mentioned.

On top of that try to avoid doing any edits to the XenBase modified templates, and keep all your css changes specific to extra.css

If it's like this you only need to merge the templates of your now custom style. Disable where needed all others.

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