I'm currently making customisations on our beta site. At some stage I'll need to apply the same customisations on our live site. Is it possible to export all changes made in the child style and then import them onto our live site?

If I remember rightly this didn't use to be possible and we had to keep a list of all changes and re-apply them. Is that still the case?
Are you making all of your changes on a child style?

That's the biggest thing everyone should always do, put any and all edits in a child style of the style purchased.

Setup should be like:

All edits would go into "My Style", the Parent DO NOT EDIT means just that, don't edit it :D.

As seen in:

When you go to the live site, you'll simply export both the child and parent style, then import on the live site in the same order (parent still being the parent).
Yep, I'm editing the child style only as instructed.

So exporting the child will save the edits/customisations/templates that I'm modifying now?

Yep, also just as a note when you're exporting your style, NEVER check that box that says: Export as independent style

I started a suggestion awhile back but it never got any traction, although I see no reason why XF leaves it in the open. It causes so many issues.

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