As you can see ... the search tag color is almost the same as the background. I tried using Inspect element but couldnt find the proper way to change the text color. I thought I did as I could get the color to change in inspect element... but adding the code to extra css didnt work.

What's the proper coding? :)
There is a couple things that control it. Lets start with this code, add it to EXTRA.css

.XenBase .tagCloud .tagCloudTag1 { color: @xbColor2; }
.XenBase .tagCloud a.tagCloudTag { color: @xbColor2; }

This will change all the links, additionally you can target specific "levels" of tags like Steve's example above. The transparent one is level 7 so it'd be:

.XenBase .tagCloud .tagCloudTag7 { color: @xbColor2; }

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