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So I have a bg image, using the backstretch option in style properties. gtmetrix is complaining that it is not served as "scaled", recommending using "srcset" to specify this.
If I scale the image down to 1366x768 in photoshop, then the image will be of horrible quality... So not sure why I'd want to do that.. Suggestions?
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Actually rather than scaling it in photoshop, have you ran it through an image optimizer?

The srcset would essentially be inserting an image and defining multiple images per width which essentially you'll need approach outside of backstretch.

Try the optimizer first, see if that improves it.
I have, actually. I've used kraken to reduce it from 4 MB to 900 KB. And I have an addon doing this automatically for every images uploaded by users.

I guess this isn't a big deal though, just annoys the heck out of me that it gives me and F because of this image not being "served scaled"..

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