XF 2.X Show Off Your Pixel Exit Styles 2.0

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ruby, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Ruby

    Ruby Customer

    Alright boys and girls let’s see what have you done with your styles since Pixel Exit has released 2.0 styles.
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Customer

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  3. Jaidyn

    Jaidyn Customer

    Love it, looks great, Ruby!

    www.sworpg.com - we finally got ours stylized more or less to the way we want it to be. Got all the 5 versions of Omni working, too. :D

    Oops, apparently there is already another similar thread going.... *hides* :barefoot::whistle::banghead:
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  4. Ruby

    Ruby Customer

    I started this one for the 2.0 styles so @Jaidyn you’re good.
  5. Ruby

    Ruby Customer

    I love how you got the sidebar on the left.
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  6. Carlos

    Carlos Customer

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  7. Miguel Dias

    Miguel Dias Customer

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  8. Johnny

    Johnny Customer

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  9. Carlos

    Carlos Customer

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