I've been messing with the colors im not sure what to go with this: IMG_0203.PNG this: IMG_0202.PNG or this: IMG_0201.PNG give me your honest opinions. I have them all live on my site to get a better look at them. I await your criticism.:p
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I'm digging the green tone of the Fusion Gamer, maybe tone down the color just a tad bit to a darker green but looking good (y)
I'll go with a bit darker I kind of borrowed the colors for the last one from legendary lol
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Before making the green darker IMG_0219.PNG After making the green darker and adding more grey IMG_0220.PNG Russ is there a way to tone down that white in the category area it's killing my eyes. Also is there a way to make that jump to top/bottom button green as well right now it hides in the back ground.
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