Reading some articles on this theme and I'm unable to find a solution to our problem.


We are using XenForo 1.4.6 with Fusion Gamer 1.4.5 (Don't think that should be much of an issue.)
Could be XenPorta 2 PRO, however I did disable it and the issue remained.

Wonder if you could be if an assistance in finding a solution.


Looks like an ad is being blocked. Not at a PC to try to debug. Will be back tomorrow though and will check it out.

I don't use any type of ad blocking addons/software.

Ads that are displayed there are not causing the issue as I can disable the ads and XenPorta and the issue remains.

Sorry to waste your time, I fixed it. (Ad code was placed by another Admin) and didn't tell me.

If anyone has a similar issue, I've reverted these templates.

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