I am the guy who posed the question on Bob's support area regarding the movement of the sidebar. I am new to Xenforo and didn't realize Sidebar is part of the Bolt Style, not part of the Core XF items. This is a copy of the post I put up over there:

I have a sidebar acting up and don't know where to begin to figure out where the issue lies. Some background:
1) using Xenforo 2.2, SideBar Position is set to Rt. Side, we have installed Showcase and also cXF Homepage Widget.
2) have built a Showcase with categories and some test entries. Have setup a homepage with some test entries. That home page has a main content area and right and left sidebars.
When I view the Showcase pages, the sidebar moves from side to side, depending on the page. Main showcase link, it is on the Rt, select a category and it moves to the left, select an item and it moves back to the right.
If I go in and set the sidebar position in Xenforo to Lt, (Appearance/Styles/Style Properties/Sidebar) then all the Showcase sidebars appear on the left, but the layout of my homepage changes to "Lt. Sidebar - Rt. Sidebar - Content"
Can you help me figure out if this is a setting I have screwed up or is it an inter-action issue between Xenforo/Showcase and cXF widgets?
My goal is to have the left & right sidebars with center content on the homepage and left side navigation sidebars on Showcase for all of the showcase pages, not moving from side to side based on the page.
You can view my test site at Gateway Cobra Club - I have left it set with the sidebar choice of 'left' so you see how the homepage layout changes

With his explanation of how your Sidebar and XF SideNav interact, I've set my Sidebar back to the right side and am accepting that is just the way it is for now. He indicated you and he had talked and you were going to add it to your 'to do' list.

If there is any information that I can provide to help, let me know



Pixel Exit Staff
So I'd forget about our Style properties -> Sidebar -> Sidebar position property entirely. What's going on here doesn't really relate to that.

XenForo has:
sidenav primarily left side
sidebar primarily right side the navigation is simply set to the sidenav, hence it being on the left side.

These items: are simply set to be in the sidebar, hence it being on the right.

You may need to open the template "xa_sc_category_view" and view how the sidebar/sidenav is setup there. If It'll be towards the bottom of the template, if you want to paste the bottom contents of that template I can take a look.

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