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On an XenForo 2.1 forum, I experience a problem with the sidebar width when it initially drops below the main page content. I have reproduced this with the unmodified FA+ parent style. This issue occurs for me when the viewport width is between 901px and 1080px.

I believe that the cause of this is xb_forums.less in the @media (max-width: calc(800px + @xf-xbSidebarWidth)) media query section.

Copying (from app_body.less) the default responsive rules for .p-body-sidebar and .p-sidebar-inner and redeclaring them in the above media query seems to have fixed the issue (at least on my test site).

I was not able to reproduce this issue on the FA+ styles demo site.
Thank you for the report.

This is fixed in our next update, that CSS is supposed to kick in only when dual column is enabled however I missed the conditional for it. It essentially moves the sidebar sooner when the setup is in dual column to give more room for the nodes.

In the parent style (so you won't have to deal with an outdated template when the update rolls around) open the template xb_forums.less
@media (max-width: calc(800px + @xf-xbSidebarWidth))

Replace with:

@media (max-width: @xf-responsiveWide)
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