We use Similar Threads add-on. There is an option "Show Below First Post" for showing similar threads under first post, when viewing a thread. This option does not work on Zipped style while works fine on XF Default style.

Can you fix it please?


Pixel Exit Staff
I believe I've actually adjusted something else which will result in this working for the next patch. I mentioned it here: https://pixelexit.com/threads/flat-awesome.5129/#post-31220

For now can you try this... open: ad_message_after and add this code:

<xen:if is="{$post.position} == 0 AND !{$message.conversation_id}">
<xen:include template="andy_similarthreads_below_first_post" />
See if it shows up for you then? Next update you may need to remove this code if it's showing up twice.

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