I'm trying to reduce the font size of the last post username on the thread list. I didn't see anywhere else to change this, so perhaps I'm doing this the hard way, but when I try to modify the property in the thread_list_item template, it breaks the style on every forum page.

I'm trying to make the font size smaller as some of the longer usernames are getting cut off.
.discussionListItem .lastPostInfo .username
            @property "discussionListFirstRow";
            font-size: @xb_fontsizel;
            line-height: 18px;
            @property "/discussionListFirstRow";
I thought it was a conflict with the MiniMe posts in thread add on, as that modifies that particular template, too, but removing it and rebuilding the template didn't seem to help. To fix it after I try changing the font value, I just c/p the template from the parent Apex style and that fixes it.
OK, another set of related questions. Where do I change the color of the node list last posted "Latest" like what's highlighted here:


Also, How do I get longer text to wrap there? A longer username will force the text to get cut off, like "Yesterday at 8:58 A"
Try this in extra.css for the latest color:
.nodeLastPost .lastThreadTitle span {
color: #fc0000;

It targets just that word.

As for it being longer, really you'd just need to adjust the width of that area:

Style Properties -> Forum / Node List -> Last Post, increase the width.

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