New Product Sneak peek at some new styles!

With 2.2 officially around the corner, I'm excited to be able to finally share some screenshots on our upcoming styles.

Bolt is a clean new approach to your XenForo community. The screenshots do not do it justice and I'm excited to share a live demo in the near future. It's a pleasure to browse, easy to customize, and has some nice unique features.


Great looking forum statistics to show off your community on the forum list.

Custom prefixes to match the style aesthetics

Easy to read post-bit

A great looking footer

Ability to convert the header to a unique look to showcase what your community is all about

Forge was crafted to go perfectly with a variety of communities. Whether you're running a community based around games, historical times, or many others, this will give you a great look.



While Sentry is still early in development, I'm excited to bring a brand new gaming design that will work well for any gaming community. Sentry is loaded with tons of little details making it a one-of-a-kind design. These are just snippets to show you some of the detail on the style.


Bolt is set to go live for purchase when 2.2 is officially out. The other two will follow at a later time.


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Demo time for Bolt:

Make sure to click the paintbrush in the navigation to switch up some of the various views that Bolt can easily achieve :). There are four total displays at the moment.

Still working on a few things but we're almost ready to launch. A dark version of the style will be coming with the launch! It's included with the purchase.
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Seems to be gone now...?

Still up, you may need to do a hard refresh if you've been browsing my demo site recently. Alternatively, you can use the direct link to bypass the demo bar: then go to the footer and select the style you want to browse.

What make bolts stand out in comparison to XenBase? Both look clean

All of our styles are technically built on the XenBase framework. So the options will be pretty much the same across them. There are some exceptions, Omni and Evolve have unique color selectors, Bolt will have the ability to do this little unique header setup with minimal work and also have far greater detail when it comes to styling certain aspects of it.


I have a green Style (Nova) - is theire an Option - if i buy bold that i can copie my colours to bold? I mean a easy way without a lot of work.
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I have a green Style (Nova) - is theire an Option - if i buy bold that i can copie my colours to bold? I mean a easy way without a lot of work.

You'll be able to easily edit the color palette to adjust the colors. As long as you stick to the overall color shades it should transition fine. As an example, dark blue -> dark green, light blue -> light green.

That works! The normal demo link works on pc only, on mobile you cannot choose Bolt as a theme.
Probably cache, sorry for the trouble!

Can't wait to see the dark version of Bolt... ???

Me too :D

@Russ Are we getting a dark version of bolt or a light version of forge?

Yep! It'll be included for free with the Bolt purchase.


Yep! It'll be included for free with the Bolt purchase.
That could be a nice looking template to have a play around with. Maybe the new replacement for my heavily modded Nova style (y)
I will keep an eye out for when its released!


Forged reminds me of World of Warcraft for some reason. Waiting on Sentry. That beauty is going to rock my site!

Pre-Sale Questions

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