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: I know that you've fixed this for some pages With the New Method on max-width on all social logins @Russ

This is OK for the alt login page and the sidebar. However its not fixed for misc pages.
If you open any other page which require login, you will get the following:


So here you can see that some of the social logins wont use max-width. If I change Width on sidebar social logins, it only changes the ones on the sidebar. Not the overlay page or misc pages that requires logins.

Dont know if you remember, but I've had this issue before, where we fixed it With a code in extra.css, but that wont work anylonger after 1.5.12.

I know I can change the dd max-width and height in xb.css to fix this one, but then I also mess up the overlay login icons at the same time.


Pixel Exit Staff
Looks like the translation is causing the issue.

Try this in extra.css for now:

html.XenBase .xbSocialParent dd { max-width: 250px; }


Pixel Exit Staff
So I think the final solution for this... is to hard code the fonts so they're consistent across. The problem you're having is it's inheriting the sidebar font size, which technically will mess up if you go large enough. You can still adjust the max-width here: Style Properties -> Login Bar, which some folks may need to due to preference or translation purposes.

Adjusted in 1.5.15.

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