sami simo

I have enabled Login sidebar Box; but there is no Facebook or twitter login button in this widget, is this not implemented or something is not working on my site..?
I'd consider this a "bug"

Open: xb_sidebar_login.css

.LoggedOut .section.loginButton
   display: none;

Change to:

.LoggedOut .section.loginButton #SignupButton {
  display: none;

I hide the entire block, I'll hide just the button itself.
It's not working unfortunately.
I'm not sure if I have described well my issue, I was expecting something like this:

I see... you aren't loading the visitor panel via the framework which we use that template to load the social logins it would appear, go to: ad_sidebar_top

<div class="section socialLogins">
   <div class="secondaryContent">
     <xen:include template="xb_socialLogins" />

Add that at the bottom of the template
Just as a heads up I've adjusted this for our next release, so it'll load in the sidebar login form itself instead of the other separate block (if the sidebar login is enabled)

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