If you release a premium version, I'm not sure if I should stick with Flat Awesome + or go with that when I upgrade, since Social was the first style I had on my site, and then when I switched to Flat Awesome+ I changed the colors to be similar to Social. I'll probably stick with Flat Awesome +, because I want to keep the feel of my site the same.
I'd definitely be interested in a premium version. Especially if it will have many of the feature that the Blackened Pro has.
Just to note, all our XF 2 styles have the same options (exported from the xenbase framework).

Why not add tag "XenBase" or XB icon for understanding that what Style properties come from xenbase framework?


Adding text no need add-on?

Example: [XB] Maximum page width

I'm curious but what further explanation does Maximum page width have?

As the properties grow and we expand on our docs (better yet start) we can look into having some links on style properties (the more complex ones). I personally find the notion of having a link to every property useless.

Lastly, we could do more with descriptions with my suggestion: https://xenforo.com/community/threa...ion-limits-now-that-html-is-supported.134069/

Style property descriptions are currently limited on characters, HTML included so even though we would have:

<a href="linktodocs" class="_blank">FA icon code here</a> this would count as multiple characters even though it outputs a single icon that links somewhere.
This is currently on the back-burner with no date at this time.

Moving to not planned for now, the main focus is some new paid styles. Thank you.

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