Core 1.3.2 to Core 1.4.1 How do we do update ?

Core 1.3.2 We have many on the theme of change of.

We do not want to lose changes?

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If your setup is in a child:

- Core
- Your style with all your edits

Then make a backup of all 3 first just in case by exporting them.

Next import XenBase 1.4.1, followed by Core XML in the 1.4.1 package.

All the edits ideally should trickle down to your style, you may need to use the merge tool if you've edited any templates.

- Russ
No plans on video tutorials at the moment. It's extremely easy to upgrade, backup styles first, then import and overwrite xenbase, followed by core. All updates should trickle down to your child style
If you want to start a ticket and upload your style xml and folder I can get it on the latest version for you.

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