I think this one will be much simpler than my last question! I'm trying to style Page Nodes so that the content isn't just a bland area. I'd like to use the styling from the main forums page for consistency. So far I've worked out that adding the following will place my content into a different coloured box and use the forum fonts:

<ol class="nodeList sectionMain" id="forums">
<div class="messageText ugc baseHtml">

However when I try to copy the forum code for the category sections (from the main forum page), I'm not getting the style. I assume this is a missing call to a CSS or something? This is the code I'm adding:

<a name="warhammer"></a>
<li class="node category level_1 node_1" id="warhammer">
    <div class="nodeInfo categoryNodeInfo categoryStrip">
        <div class="categoryText">
            <h3 class="nodeTitle">Warhammer Online</h3>
        <div class="xbCategoryImage"></div>

        <ol class="nodeList">
<li class="node forum level_2  node_4">
<div class="nodeInfo forumNodeInfo primaryContent ">
<div class="nodeText">

Then after my content section, I add this:

    <span class="tlc"></span>
    <span class="trc"></span>
    <span class="blc"></span>
    <span class="brc"></span>

However all this produces is a normal numbered list. I would like it to look like this:


Which is taken from the forum category:


Here is the link to the page I am currently working on:

Also, a second question: How can I add sidebar content from the forum page? I have this so far, but obviously it's empty apart from the login / avatar box:


Many thanks!
The category bars aren't called in normal pages, only called on the node list itself. You'll need to copy the CSS from I think it's node_list.css, not all of it but the code pertaining to the category bars. You can throw any extra CSS inside the template: extra.css
Also, a second question: How can I add sidebar content from the forum page? I have this so far, but obviously it's empty apart from the login / avatar box:

bd Widget Framework is prolly your best bet.. I, unfortunately do not understand the add on yet. I'm currently trying to get my style 100% how I want it, then I'll try to learn the widget framework.
Thanks r3v0lution. I actually went with XenPorta 2 - it has a widget framework, and is very advanced software with lots of nice options. Combined with Page Nodes, I can do my entire website in this.

I believe it's also compatible with Widget Framework, but I don't think it would be needed. So if you are interested in having more than just a forum, check out XenPorta :)
Yea, I'm not sure Xen Porta 2 would be worth the money for me.. But I may end up going with it as well. I have the XenRio add on from Jaxel, and would be fine if I could find someone that could code his RioLive widget for bd framework.
I couldn't get ANY sidebar widget to work with the bd WF, until I went to xfrocks website and downloaded the newest (beta) of the add on. Seems to work like a charm now. Just FYI.

I've seen that a lot of people are using XP2 and bd WF together, not sure how compatible they are, but I guess its an option.

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