Russ basically made a modified version of Fusion Gamer for me and I've gone through and applied the breadcrumb/header tweaks from my live site to my development site without issue so far but I cannot work out how to fix the gap between the header navigation and sub-navigation.

The image attached explains what I mean. I've gone through all modified templates from the live site and duplicated it onto this site also as my EXTRA.css is in another location and such.

Any ideas? Cheers


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Pixel Exit Staff
Check out Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation -> Sub Links, make sure there's no top value in there(MISC CSS BOX). We automatically adjust the sub nav now depending on the height set via Style Properties -> Header and Navigation.


Okay that fixed it thanks but my search bar is slightly out, any fix for this?

I think we had this issue before when we adjusted the nav bar, forgot if you added custom code or not?


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top: -41.5px !important; << this fixed the issue, cheers.

One last thing, I want a sharper cleaner header font, do you know which one would work and which field to put it in? Cheers

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