Is he taking about the breadcrumb? Also I haven't forgotten about you :)
yeah the part that says home > gaming > games under the subnav section

also when starting a conversation when i click send it says it has but it doesnt redirect me to my inbox, it stays on the page i just wrote all the text in, basically it makes me think its not send so i click send again and its sent 2 if that makes sense

and no edit text options show up when making a conversation either
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Not really sure how it would be effecting it.

It could just be a learning curve for them:


Home takes you to your news page, forums takes you to your forum list...

Gaming takes you to your forum list but as an Anchor link down to that category

Games takes you directly into the games node.

What they are expecting is to see category as pages:

ACP -> options -> Node & Forum List


That would put the category in their own little "pages" and probably act how they want it too.

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