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When you have many addons, the default navigation becomes really hard to use because users are not going to scroll trough many main tabs. XF2 has a basic navigation menu feature, but using that only allows you to create vertical drop downs, while loosing the sub-navigation links from addons. It does not make optimal use of the available space.

Having a mega-menu would be optimal and would offer a much more intuitive and useful navigation to users. And it can look great as well.

Please consider to add a mega menu to XenBase or to specific styles.
Unfortunately, a mega menu would need to be handled as an add-on. Having an interface to drag items around and fill menus with custom content like widgets would be awesome, but it's not something I can achieve with a style.
I know that you have no intention to create addons, but im still putting it out there for the unlikely event that you may feel enticed to do so after XF2.3 :)
XF needs a good style oriented addon. XenForo LTD itself is never going to do things like this.

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