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On mobile the off canvas menu is great. Much better than big vertical dropdowns. The account drop down is quite big if you have many addons.

Please consider to add a right side off canvas menu for Account links. It would be a really useful enhancement.

BTW: Is this the correct place to post suggestions for XenBase?
BTW: Is this the correct place to post suggestions for XenBase?

Here is fine. We had a suggestions forum previously but after 8 years it had about 45 threads total so we didn't really bring back a proper area after we revamped the structure (we don't rely on the node list anymore).

As for new suggestions, to be honest, I'm not really looking to add too much into the current 2.2.x version. We're at a point where the styles are nice and flexible without too much bloat. BUT the biggest reason is really the 2.3. Once they finally start rolling out the HYS's I'll take into consideration new suggestions. So feel free to post them, but don't really expect many changes outside of cosmetic improvements and bug fixes in the current 2.2.x releases.

I've also added a suggestion prefix here to help sort them going forward.

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