tabbed offcanvas menu and sidebar


I really like the tabbed offcanvas menu and offcanvas sidebar of UIX2.

Do you plan to add it to your themes? I think it very useful!


I'm asking it because I would like to use pixelexit themes but I really think that those two offcanvas menu works great on mobiles.
The sidebar is a possibility I suppose, I think with the XF2 setup it's really easy to create off-canvas menus.

The accounts/alerts/convos I would not put in as I believe those should be front and center.
The accounts/alerts/convos I would not put in as I believe those should be front and center.
how about let chose the users/admin with a front/back-end option?
for example, someone would like to have front and center AND in the off-canvas, others only in the off-canvas menu, other again only in front and center.

For example IMHO it's better to give more real estate to the content and put the sum of unread alerts (unread convos + unread alerts) over the hamburger menu and have them "exploded" in the tabbed off-canvas menu.

Look how much real estate alert/convo/profile get having them full visible and scrollable in the off-canvas menu.
Again this is just something I truly believe should not be hidden behind an off-canvas menu.

I think on mobile it should be a single click to access alerts/convo's especially when there's plenty of room for those icons to show up there.

Like I said I'm open to the idea of the sidebar behind there but I really don't see me coding in alerts/convo's like your example, just being up front and honest. The fact that the sidebar is easier to access than alerts/convo's/what's new/account just makes no sense to me.
@Kintaro just a heads up.... I got the off-canvas sidebar working :), still debating on where to put the toggle and what icon but it's working. It should be going into our next release, along with some other goodies :)
Your question on was a clue! ?

That was actually for a specific client request :D, the off-canvas close is built-in and was easy to find. It was a request to close a menu with a button inside the menu itself.
It didn't make it into our recent update, I ran out of time to get it properly introduced into the framework with our various options. Should be making an appearance in the next update though!

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