I am also getting an outdated template, will this be like this until the new update?

sorry im new xeno so still learning about how the themes work.


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Yes, until we release XenBase 1.5 there will be outdated templates. There shouldn't be any concern regarding them, the only change to the ones showing outdated was the inclusion of being able to disable trophy points. @MattCombatGamez what version of XF are you running?


some outdated templates of my child version after upgrade to 1.5...


when i use auto merge nothing happen... when i click the merge changes here is the error message that i get...

The custom template is out of date but has been edited more recently than the parent. Merging can only be done by hand.
how should i fix this? im new on XF just got migrated from VB4 this Aug. :D



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It's a little frustrating sometimes :D, I can take a look and fix it for you quickly if you'd like. I'll need a temp admin login. Won't be tonight though.

Submit via a ticket.

You can also use Notepad++, it's what I use to to compare the templates.


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I'm only trying on my demo forum, will figure in out by comparing in Notepad++


What I do is copy all of the content of the outdated template, paste into NotePad++.

Then click revert. Next open the same template again and copy the html and paste in a new document into Notepad++. You may need to install it via Plugins but it's called "Compare", really easy to see what changes you made.


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Backup the style first**

Red doesn't necessarily mean outdated it just means EDITED.

Click Outdated templates and click the templates from there.

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