Not a Bug Template tags are not well formed - PAGE_CONTAINER Importing XML


Pixel Exit Staff
There seems to be a bug that's popping up for a few users where XF will not let them import the XML at all. It throws an error similar to:

(the line will be different for most)
Line 769: Template tags are not well formed. Tag set was found when expecting if. - Template modifications: public:PAGE_CONTAINER
As far as I can tell this is some sort of clash with an add-on. Until I figure out which add-on it is you can bypass this error by simply doing the following in your admin panel

  1. Add-ons -> Disable all (hit disable all on overlay)
  2. Appearances -> Import XML like you would
  3. Go back to Add-ons, you'll see an enable button which will automatically have checked all the add-ons you disabled in step 1, click Enable
And you're done.

I see the area the template is having trouble with but our code as far as I can tell is perfectly fine. Still investigating!


Pixel Exit Staff
Just a heads up, this seemed to be a clash with the Social Groups add-on. The add-on was updated to help with conflicts on third party styles. Make sure you update your add-on if you run into this problem.

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