Jim McClain

I have 2 Log in or Sign up forms on my site, one found at the top of the right column and the other after clicking a link on the right side of the menu bar. The latter is what I want to address.

Clicking that link opens an overlay box. Mine happens to be a dark blue. As it should be, all the text is white and the form is easy to read. With one exception. I hadn't noticed this until a member said he was having trouble accessing his account after being gone for a number of months - since before we converted to XF from vB. I was about to tell him to just click the forgot-password link when I did my own test and discovered there didn't appear to be any forgot-password link in the overlay. He uses a mobile device, so I figured he didn't even know there was another login form, if he just scrolled down the page.

I was going to add that link myself, so I did some phrase searches and some template searches. I discover there is a forgot-password link, it's just that the text is an even darker shade of blue than the overlay, which makes it nearly invisible.

Can you tell me exactly what edits, where, that I need to do to make that link white, just like the other text? Obviously, I don't need it to change on hover or visited, it just needs to always be white - and underlined so it looks like a link.



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