Thank you from the Tyrs Paladium Guild!


Here's a Shout Out to Russ and Steve over at Pixel Exit. These two guys make the BEST styles and offer the BEST SUPPORT anywhere.

We wouldn't look anywhere NEAR as good as we do without Russ and Steve's talents. I went with the Frag Zone style. If you are new to Zenforo (like I am), these guys will help get you up and not walking but running.

If anyone is wondering WHO to go with, pixelExit and forget-It! <---- Damn that sounded good! :)
Without their vast knowledge and patience, we wouldn't be dressed this fine... Limousine ridin'... Jet Flyin... son of a guns !! and I'm having a hard time holding these alligators down!!! (A free like for the first person that can tell me who I quoted! :)

I founded a gaming guild for mature gamers (aka OLD!! HAHA) called Tyrs Paladium. Here's some screenies of Frag Zone in action:






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