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So this is strange.. My staff banner looks fancy with the nice looking XenBase effects, but my other banners (f.ex sky blue, as seen in the image), or any of the prefixes are not..



As you can see, only the staff member banner looks good. Any idea what is wrong?
Sorry for the delay, been out sick!

This is actually working as designed. The Staff member comes from the default color palette where the other ones are using the default XenForo prefix/banner colors (a version of at least)

Go to Style properties -> Prefix / User banners,

You can change any of the colors to match your site better. I don't normally change these to match the style as then someone may say "Why isn't sky blue actually sky blue". If that makes sense :).
Wasn't primarily thinking about the colors though. It seems like the staff banner has some sort of shadow and nice looking frame around it (I really dislike the "pressed in" frame on the user banners), that the prefixes/other user banners do not have. I tried looking at the extra less code for the staff banner, but it seems to be the same that is on the other ones.
But maybe it's just that the frame is pressed in, which looks bad. Is there a way to disable that on the prefixes/user banners?
This is not a problem on the default XF style, and also not a problem on my light edge style. There, they are not pushed in.

So it's either only on my custom style, or a problem for omni in general.
How can I fix this Russ? :)
So for Prefixes and User banners, we do something very simple. We added style properties which overwrite the default styling of them so users can go and easily change colors on them. These can be disabled entirely to use the default styling of the banners.

We have a background color set, then we set a simple gradient/border-color/box-shadow(inset) based on that background.

You can go into any of these properties and adjust the look of them. Removing the entire "EXTRA" box for example would create flat prefix/banners.

The only reason your staff member looks a little more normal is because it's using your color palette. By using the color palette, it still adds the gradient and also the box-shadow inset (little tiny black line at the top below the top border) but your color palette is dark so it blends in better.

Light styles the prefix/userbanners get a darker border normally.
Dark styles get a lighter border normally.

This is simply because XenForo treats:
xf-intensify(@xf-xbPrefixGray--background-color, 20%)
Differently when using light/dark color option. I'm guessing this is what you mean by being "pressed in".

If you don't like the look of a specific prefix, just edit the property for it, it's really what it's there for.
If that doesn't make sense, let me know. Unless I'm being completely oblivious, there is no issue here. It's just the way prefixes are styled. We give you the ability to change how you want them to look easily.
I am aware of how to change the colors of them. I am experimenting with finding good colors. It definitely helps.

The main problem I have is with the prefixes/userbanners looking "pressed in" at the edge/border. I want them more flat.


The edge around it is "thick/looks pushed in like a button".


Here not so much (when I'm hovering with my mouse over them).

If you move your cursor over one prefix and then take it back.

What setting is making that difference?

I tried deleting xf-intensify(@xf-xbPrefixGray--background-color, 20%), but that didn't make any difference that I could see.

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