Not a Bug [Theme FragZone] Category Nodes are not phrasing HTML Tags

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I wish to place this code here in one of my categories, and I have tested this on several test categories I made
and same results.

<p>Technology Section, Content Posted Here Should Be Related to Topics Such as:</p>
    <li>Development, Regarding Coding & Tutorials</li>
    <li>PC Building, Building your first PC or Improvements & Upgrades</li>
    <li>Server Management, New Admins Seeking Help To manage Their Servers</li>
    <li>Web Hosting, Talk about top hosting solutions & providers</li>
now when I put this in a forum node it phrases just fine.

this also phrases just fine on other themes but your theme FragZone with Hover effect it shows as this:



Pixel Exit Staff
By default XenForo doesn't have the category descriptions as tooltips, we have this as an option to go along with the nodes but HTML doesn't work in them.

You'll need to disable the category tooltips:

Style Properties: [XB] Forum List & Category -> Enable Category Description Tooltip


Pixel Exit Staff
Not technically a bug, it's unfortunate the tooltips don't work with HTML but it's an option that can be disabled. Meant for non-html descriptions.

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