When I did the last update my forum changed, instead of having the "mail" looking icon I know have a target looking thing?

Also a few other weird things, my Share This Page link is red down the bottom of forum posts. Have I missed something here when installing?



Pixel Exit Staff
For the node icons they're loading Font Awesome by default, check:

Style Properties -> Node Icons, uncheck the Enable Font Awesome Node Icons.

For the share this page, it inherits the default alert color, you can change this:
Style Properties -> [XB] Misc Pages -> Share Page Text Heading


Pixel Exit Staff
Is there a reason why that would change after I updated the template? (the icons?)

We usually try to avoid switching settings on updates but we made the decision to ship the framework out with the font awesome icons enabled. Going forward since you set the icons to non font awesome they won't change next update.

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