This Holiday Add On


Any chance of this holiday add on being released for XF 2.x in the future? I thought it was and mistakenly uploaded the 1.x files, then couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong lol. Would love to have this addition with all the holidays available. It looks fantastic.
I was working on it to get it out for everyone then Theme House released a version: so my focus switched. May revisit it later, already was starting on it:
Yeah I've been testing the Theme House one. I prefer this one though. Hopefully once all the style updates finish up you'll get a chance. If you need someone to test it I am more than willing. Appreciate the quick reply.
Holiday Joy was the first Pixel Edit product that I used, and it prompted me to take a closer look at the styles. I’ll definitely use it with xf2 if it’s released next year.

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