Thoughts and plans for XF2?

Im afraid this move to 2 will drastically cut down the number of available add ons. What is being done I wonder to fill in the gaps as 1.xx addons wont work.? Seems like it will take YEARS and maybe will never be able to have the addons they have today. Im looking forward to being pleasantly surprised however.

Our current plan is we'll be sticking with 1.xx I think for 2 years at least, unless there is a big push to ensure transferring to 2.xx will go smoothly.

I feel xenforo should act to embrace the gaming community. A new feature-rich Roster (with game characters recognition) /Event (with RSVP) system would bring many new faces with their wallets in the open position.

Many other different types of communities should be marketed to as well.
It's definitely a consideration to hold out on 2.x. I'd almost recommend maybe now is the perfect time to start a new project on 2.x to experiment and get use to it until you have add-ons to fill the gap for your current active site.
I see no immediate need to upgrade to xenforo 2.0 so I'm happy with my 1.xx themes and custom mods until such time xenforo 2.0 actually has new and/or improved features actually worth upgrading for. I would also never use some kind of auto-updater for mods or themes etc that's where things are going to error out and break on heavily modified forums such as my own. There is a lot of talk how nice 2.0 is from a developing perspective but from a forum users perspective it's not much different to the perfectly good forum I run right now, in terms of off-the-shelf features. All I see is cosmetic changes for now, no major features I must have.

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