If a thread title is extraordinarily long, then it runs over into the next thread item.
Just type a really ridiculous and long thread title in the gamer fusion theme. It'll flow over into the next item rather than expanding the row itself.

I'm not sure if it has been noted, or if it's even an issue in the core XF design.

I don't think it will be a REAL issue because I seem to have some whacky users... Not to mention my RSS feeds use long titles sometimes.

I had to go to
thread_list_item and change

{xen:helper wrap, $thread.title, 50}
{xen:helper snippet, $thread.title, 80}

If I made wrap less (like 1 or 25...) it didn't do anything *shrugs* not sure why...
SO I used the snippet instead.


Pixel Exit Staff
Hmmm can you clarify where it's happening or do you have a screenshot? This is my dev board with the longest thread title possible by default:



It was happening on the work laptop... I'll be back at work tomorrow, so I'll double check then.
No idea why... maybe someone increased font size again. I should have checked that first.

Totally made everything go out of line when there were long titles lol.


Okay it's was an issue with having css prefix images. If my prefix images is too large then it pushes the title out of the box. I fixed it up lol. Only happens on this laptop for some reason *shrugs*
Sorry about the delay in an answer! Busy busy busy.

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