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Ticket System Idea

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SpaceStars, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. SpaceStars

    SpaceStars New Member

    Hello there,

    I had an idea in the ticket system so you could make it more easier for administrators/users with permissions.

    When you click the Tickets button in the nav bar you would move to the tickets page, you would find only 2 buttons - "Manage Tickets" and a button for "My Tickets". Manage Tickets would only be viewed to those that have at least 1+ category permission(s). (Explained at the bottom)
    "My Tickets" button can be viewed by everyone, but users wouldn't view others tickets from there. Even if it's was an admin. Inside the "My Tickets" page the title would be "My Tickets" and you would see all your tickets without the need to change status or view categories to avoid confusion as to "Where did my tickets go?" or so. You would see it from newest to oldest. It would be viewed like this:

    • Category 1 - This is ticket 1 - Closed - 16/11/15 - Last Reply
    • Category 2 - This is ticket 2 - Open - 15/11/15 - Last Reply
    • Category 3 - This is ticket 3 - Closed - 14/11/15 - Last Reply
    But the "Manage Tickets" it would open a new page where you could select the created categories + would view how many opened tickets left and closed tickets and once a category is selected the title of the page would say
    "Manage Tickets"
    "Selected Category"
    and would be viewed like :
    Opened Tickets
    • This is ticket 1 - 16/11/15 - Last Reply
    • This is ticket 2 - 15/11/15 - Last Reply
    • This is ticket 3 - 14/11/15 - Last Reply
    Closed Tickets
    • This is ticket 4 - 13/11/15 - Last Reply
    • This is ticket 5 - 12/11/15 - Last Reply
    • This is ticket 6 - 11/11/15 - Last Reply
    The buttons would depend on the theme nodes itself Eg. https://pixelexit.com/forums/
    I also think it would be nice to give which group would handle which categor(y/ies) instead of all or none.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion, I honestly think this idea would be super useful and really user friendly! I hope this gets implemented soon. Can't wait to hear back from you, and anyone is free to leave feedback! =)
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