XF 1.x To change the arrows of the scrolling page. Style Edge


Russ, Hello. There are several questions on the arrows.
1. How can I change their color? For example on dark grey?
2. How to reduce their size in the full version?
3. How to shift them slightly to the left, up, down? What are the settings responsible for this? It is possible an example? I have on himself all to move, change.

Arrows Edge.JPG


Pixel Exit Staff
You can change the colors by going to: Style Properties -> [XB] General Setup -> Scroll Buttons (left side). Here you can also adjust the padding to reduce the size.

To move them, you'll need to use extra.css:

.XenBase .xbScrollButtons { right: 2%; bottom: 80px; }
are the default values. You can +/- these values to shift them around.

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