For a little extra flexibility with FlatAwesome+, can I kindly request that you consider adding a style property toggle for the off canvas menu 'Contact Us' link? Every so often I receive emails via this method from people who mistakenly think this page is how a new post is submitted. This is despite the fact that I have a blockMessage above the contact form linking them to the real create thread page.

I have removed Contact Us from the off canvas menu with a simple edit of PAGE_CONTAINER in my child style. This works fine but for the fact that it is one extra potentially outdated template after an XenForo upgrade. Contact Us remains linked in the footer as it does have a purpose (e.g. account enquiries, problems receiving emails).

So that is my reasoning for making this suggestion. If you decide that a style property toggle for this is unwarranted/overkill, I will understand. :)
I believe this CSS will work:

a.offCanvasMenu-link[data-nav-id="contactUs"] {
    display: none;

Should target just the contact link in the off-canvas.

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