Fixed Transparency Issue with Floating Navbar and XMG in


Using slightly modified Custom1 and Custom2 styles under Flat Awesome +, I'm getting issues with the floating navbar and xmg in Chrome and IE. It looks fine in firefox. Can this be fixed with some CSS tweaks to either the navbar or the elements in the media gallery that are showing through?



Pixel Exit Staff
I can't quite reproduce this problem myself... I have the info always showing without hovering but my nav is still on top of it always.

That being said... can you try this in extra.css:

.XenBase .fixed { z-index: 200; }


Pixel Exit Staff
That did the trick. Thanks! I guess I should have mentioned I'm on Xenforo 1.5.4.
Cool :), I still couldn't get it to reproduce but I can see why it's potentially happening. I'll see about a putting it into our next release.


Pixel Exit Staff
This has been adjusted in our next release, I've increased the z-index on our floating navigation a little.

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