Hey guys, thanks for the update. I'm having an issue trying to update my theme. Please note I've never updated a style before and everything I've found online I seem to be doing it right.

I've uploaded the upload folder to overwrite my styles. Next I went to Styles and clicked import a style. Browsed to the download folder and selected style-XenBase-1.4.3 first and told it to overwrite xenbase 1.4.2. It goes though its rebuilding thing then takes me back to the styles page and says I'm still running 1.4.2.



Any ideas?
It's correct the style names don't update on overwrite. If you ever need to know which version your running check out style properties -> [xb] xenbase and style version

You Can also rename the xenbase to reflect 1.4.3 I do it all the time :)
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For what it's worth just to follow up on this going forward on our next XenBase release we'll be removing the style version from the style name. It will still be found spot mentioned above.

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