I think it would be a massive feature change if Bootsrap or uikit css frameworks were integrated with PixelExit themes. They offer unique components like slideshows, modals and other features that the default XF does not offer. Sure, these things can be styled or added on an individual basis by skilled themers, but it would be great if they worked out of the box. I've toyed with the idea before, and I think I've asked here before, too - but didn't have much success.
I just don't see this happening at all. Adding CSS frameworks on top of XenForo is such a nightmare to do properly. I know because I've tried doing it for clients in the past :). It's not something I'd want to support in the framework.

Slideshows would be nice, but that should really be done by an add-on. Ability to easily manage the sliders would be ideal, as opposed to simple HTML edits.

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