This week, I renewed my XenForo and Legendary licenses. I ran into an issue on XenForo 1.5.8 + XenBase/Legendary 1.5.7 where the message template in XenBase is not automatically merging and requires merging by hand.

As I've been behind on XenForo updates, I was hoping to receive some support here about how to merge the XenBase template in.

Background Analysis

As mentioned previously, I did renew my XenForo and Legendary licenses this week. I believe this was probably because of the order of operations of how I did my upgrades. Here are the steps I took:
  1. Upgrade from xF 1.5.4 (manually patch) to xF 1.5.5
    1. Automatically merge new templates
  2. Upgrade to xF 1.5.6
    1. Automatically merge new templates
  3. Upgrade to xF 1.5.7
    1. Automatically merge new templates
  4. Upgrade to xF 1.5.8
    1. Automatically merge new templates
  5. Upgrade XenBase/Legendary from 1.5.3 to 1.5.6
  6. Upgrade XB/L to 1.5.7
I did forget to check if there were any templates to merge after the XB/L 1.5.6 upgrade… oops. Here is the comparison (minus fancy formatting) that the template gives me.

Proposed solution
As mentioned previously, I've been behind on xF development and also PixelExit, so I've done a lot of catching up of about six months of updates now that I had the funds to renew licenses. I also am willing to accept that any advice given by the PixelExit team is not guaranteed to work / I accept liability for any modifications made to my theme / etc. ;) I just figured the advise of the PixelExit team would be better than my own attempt to fix this.

Thanks for your time.

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