Hi @Russ,

I tried to add rich username in the "node_forum_level_2" of Core style by follow the below thread:


But i was unable to do it as the whole Xenforo admin is "FREEZE" when i wanna make any changes in that template. I noticed that there are some styles were made for Forum node in the Core style, i guess it is the reason.

Do you have any solution that can fix the above mentioned issue?

Hi @Russ ,

There were no any errors... You can see how it was "FREEZE.." in the attached screenshot...
One more things, is there a font awesome icons for the text editor? (reactor toolbar) for the style?



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Hi Russ,

Any updates on this? Thanks!

Honestly Jimmy I've never seen XenForo act like that what so ever, especially the additional styling on the buttons. Almost looks like you've edited the master style. You could try rebuilding the master data as you shouldn't be editing the master style ever, visit /install to rebuild it.

Past that, I've ad blocks cause freezing on editing certain templates.

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