As I have updated my forum to the newest version (released 1. August) here comes my thoughts.

I will continue in this new thread with my issues (suggestions) from this thread.

1. Is there any chance to have the Sign Up button from the default XenForo? This style is awesome, but the Sign Up button just doesn't suit it in my opinion. Those strikes doesn't look very well with this style.
1.) You can revert the styling on the sign up button by simply going to : Style Properties -> Buttons -> Sign up Container and Inner, reverting it will bring it back to stock XenForo button except for the coloring, as core uses it's own color palette.
Reverting the style button sadly doesn't work for me here. The only solution was to copy everything from the default style to Core. But with my luck I copied and saved the things from wrong tab and now there is no way back as reverting doesn't work for some reason here. How can I now get back the values for Core "button" tab in Style Properties: Buttons?

2. URL links are not visible in this Style :( They are black as the ordinary text. In default XenForo style text is black and links are blue. By links I mean this: QenTox XenForo etc. Here it is clearly visible. Links are red, but in core text is black and links too. Users need to somehow recognize the links when they read the text.
Head to Style Properties -> Message Elements -> User Generator Links, you can add styling here, I'll add some in the next release for Core.

Seems like you forgot to add the links styling to the newest version :) What nice styling suiting Core would you recommend?

3. When you are watching thread (forum) and new post is in that thread (forum) you are notified by email. Same goes, when someone starts a conversation with you or you receive a new message in conversation. You are notified by email about it. And that email is in XenForo colors (light blue and orange). I think it should be possible to change those colors in email to match Core style :)
Got you, I think it uses a standard template for the email, see this post, it's the second one by Jake.


That should help you color it as well I believe.
Is it possible to include this in the next Core release? I believe more customers would aprreciate something like this to happen :)
Yep it will :)
Hope this will be included in the next release. I am really not good at styling and making edits. Most of the time I do more damage than useful changes :D
Need to do a restart, will edit this post when I comeback :)
Seems like I am not able to edit my post, nevermind I will add additional points here :)

4. I have an issue with footer using XenAttendo. Not sure what is causing the problem.

5. As discussed on XenForo.com, I would really welcome to show Avatars instead of Usernames in Members Online Now sidebar, with your little "template hack" :)
Just wanted to let you know I saw your post :), it's been a hectic day due to a serious bug with our cart we were forced to upgrade. So... I haven't had time to look into inquiries, I'll follow up with you tomorrow @QenTox
Thanks @Russ No problem, Pixelexit is looking really great now :)

One more thing, that I forgot to add:


Not sure, why I have Outdated Templates and before I do anything I rather ask you. What is the recommended step to do with them?

Back to point nr. 1. Here is the screen, so you know what I mean:


As you can see, everything is clear here :(
@QenTox in regards to the outdated templates try simply using the Merge tool, it might not be available yet but click that Merge Changes on the left, and hit apply it should do the work for you hopefully.

Calibri, 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif


text-align: center;
box-shadow: 0px 1px 4px 0px rgb(200,200,210);
outline: none;
line-height: 23px;
display: inline-block;
cursor: pointer;
box-sizing: border-box;


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